The new kids of Beaujolais

Our -Sylvie & Thierry- adventure started in 2019 when we moved to our domaine in Lantignié, Beaujolais (France). It's a small, low yield 5,1Ha, nature-friendly domaine. With almost all the vineyards and land (total 8ha) around our domain we are creating a great ecosystem here. To increase biodiversity in our vineyards we planted over 100 fruit & nut trees in 2019. we continue planting fruit/nut trees every year. We want to work with nature, not against. To stay in this mindset, in the vineyard we work with a homeopathic touch, where we collect plants and herbs around the estate to make plant based tea infusions that will help the vines to become stronger and healthier. We also work by the moon, this results in our choices; when to bottle/press how long we will do the maceration and so on.  On a meadow at the end of our vineyards we have our sheeps & kunekune pigs (who are a part of our team and going to help us eat the herbs in the vineyard during wintertime and give the soil food in return). The most important is that we respect nature, from vineyard to bottle. In the winery, we only use indigenous yeasts (so the wine is fermented spontaneously), no filtration and no fining agents for our wines. We work with the least amount of intervention as possible, creating Vins Vivants!

Alpes Controles FR-BIO-15 Organic Agriculture certified (2023)

The Vineyards

From the 8,5Ha in total we have 5,1Ha of vineyards (Gamay noir á jus blanc & Chardonnay) based in Lantignié (North of Beaujolais). The 5,1Ha includes: 3,4Ha of productive vineyard and 1.6Ha of abandoned vineyard. We felt we should give this wild vineyard a go to save those vines, it didn't felt good to take them out just because they are free souls. But this will mean a lot of effort and low yield (+/- 6HL per Ha), but also some really special grapes.

Lieux-dits: 'Les Monthieux': 4,4Ha (0,4Ha Chardonnay) "Croix Pen(n)net': 0.4Ha 'Montmerand': 0,2Ha Average age of 60 years Average yield: 18HL per Ha Type of soil: mainly decomposed pink granite with clay and quartz Planting density of 8.000 vines per Ha Altitude: average 330M

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